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Getting a dental crown for my tooth.

I'm Jack. Dr. Jessica Nien is my wife. Even though I'm married to a dentist, I actually didn't really know what a dental crown is until today. My tooth was really hurting over Christmas and finally, I just decided to bite the bullet to go into the office to get shot and drilled.

So, why did I need a crown? I had no idea at first. It turns out that my cavity was too big to be just filled or patched. Dr. Nien needed to build a crown to keep the tooth's natural shape and protect it from further damage / cavity. I'll go over the steps of the treatment for me.

First step, numbing the tooth. I hate needles, that's my main reason for avoiding this. But I gotta say Dr. Nien does a really good job of doing it painlessly. It's pretty amazing! She first applies some gel on my gum to numb it a bit, then she sticks in the needle very very slowly. And she tells me that's what really helps. That makes sense and it makes me remember the doctors who weren't patient enough to do that for me. :(

Next, the drilling. Don't like the drilling either. This is the worst part of the whole treatment. I don't like the sound of it. It doesn't hurt because my tooth has been numbed. However, if you go to the San Jose office, they actually use laser to do the drilling, no sound with that.

Almost there, getting a 3D scan of the tooth. This was very cool, it was so quick. It was a wand that she put over my tooth for a minute and then it was done.

Final step, putting in the crown!! So far, it's about an hour and half in. 30-40 minutes of this is waiting for the crown to be build by a dental 3D printer in the office, definitely not the ones you buy from Amazon. :) It's a porcelain crown and matches my teeth shade. It basically looks the same as my tooth. It's a shell of it and she puts on to my tooth. I think that took about 5 minutes. It's a little painful during this, not as bad as the toothache. You can get numbed again for this, but I didn't feel like it.