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How to avoid cavities and the cost of doing a filling?

1. Floss daily

I know it's easy to say. And most people already know this, but it is really really hard to make it a habit for many. Flossing daily helps so much to prevent cavities. Flossing cleans between the space between teeth, which brushing doesn't cover. That's why it's so important.

Kids can start flossing as soon as their baby teeth touch. That's usually around the age of 2-6. They can floss in between the teeth. You'll have to help them probably until around 8 years old. One way that works for me was to tell the kids if they floss their teeth everyday, they'll get rewarded with a movie at the end of the week. Once they do this for a few weeks, it'll become a habit for them and they'll feel uneasy if they don't floss.

2. Drink water

Water is magic. It's good for general health. It's good for diets. And it's great for rinsing away residual sugars in your mouth that could cause cavities. Water with flouride has shown to prevent at least 25% of cavities in both adults and kids according to ADA. Water with flouride also strengthen the tooth enamel, therefore more resistant to getting cavities.

3. Dental sealants

Get dental sealants are clear plastic resin coating that we put on your entire tooth. You won't feel it, it's totally natural feeling. Sealants last for 4 years. They're perfect for kid's baby teeth. Kids may not be brushing as thoroughly as adults and floss regularly, so this plastic coating will provide that extra protection. Many dental insurances cover the sealant costs, since it's a preventive procedure.

Here's a picture that shows how dental sealants protects teeth.