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Here's our new dental practice COVID-19 protocol

We will be taking all of our staff's temperature and record it before we start the day. All of our staff have NOT traveled overseas in the last 4 weeks and have been confirmed that they have NOT been in contact with anyone that had flu symptoms.
Keep safe distancing by scheduling less patients and clearing out our lobby area to 1-2 patients at a time.
Patients who have been in contact with anyone with flu symptoms in the last 3 weeks, please reschedule.
All our instruments are 100% sterilized just like they always have been. We also replace the treatment room chair cover with a new one every patient.
HEPA certified air purifiers to circulate and filter the air capturing particles .1 mircons.
Wellness checks and symptom screening for all staff and patients when coming into the office.

Yes, not fun, we know. :)
New earmuffs for everyone.
Air filtration system through out the office.
Shoshana doing temperature checks.
Separation to maintain safe distancing.