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Routine care to prevent cavities and it's usually covered 100% by insurance.

 Regular and deep teeth cleaning

Regular teeth cleaning treatments are mainly done to help prevent gum diseases and cavities. The procedure removes plague and tartar around each tooth, which results in less cavities. Our teeth cleaning treatment involves removing the plaque, polishing all the teeth, and applying fluoride if needed. This treatment usually takes an hour. No shots are needed for this. And your insurance usually covers 100% of this treatment fee.

Deep teeth cleaning becomes necessary when you're beginning to have gum disease, gingivitis. Gum disease causes breakdown of the bone, and eventually causes the loss of teeth. Deep cleaning uses a procedure called "root planing". Root planing is the process of smoothening the root surfaces and removing any infected tooth structure.

Mini FAQs

  • What's plaque?
    A build up of microorganisms, which is a soft, sticky, bacteria infested film. It causes cavities and gingivitis.

  • What's tartar?
    It's also called calculus. It's a result of plaque build up over a long time. More info on wikipedia.

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