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3 Reasons To Do Teeth Cleaning Twice A Year

1. Prevents painful and unattractive gum disease, including tooth loss

Chances of gum disease and tooth loss skyrocket when you don’t get your biannual teeth cleaning. Dental procedures are costly. Here at Sweet Tooth Care, we want to save you thousands of dollars and your oral health, by routinely checking your dental health and making sure you have the perfect smile. It's our job to do this right. And our current patients can vouch for this. See our Yelp reviews.

2. Brightens your smile

Your daily pleasures, like drinking coffee, tea or wine, are all things that leave undesirable stains on your teeth. With a routine teeth cleaning, our hygienists can get rid of any built up stains and leave you with a fresh, brighter smile.

3. Saves your money

We want you to get the most out of your insurance benefits. You pay over hundreds per year to your insurance, so you should use it to take care of yourself. Most PPO dental plans cover 100% of teeth cleanings and oral health exams. Our office will take care of all the paperworks to cover your treatments.

How does teeth cleaning work?

Teeth cleaning sounds like a really scary procedure, doesn’t it? In your head, you’re probably imagining the sounds of mental drilling and uncomfortable amounts of cotton being stuffed in your mouth. But at Sweet Tooth Care, it’s just THREE easy steps!

  1. Remove plaque with ultrasound
    We use an ultrasound device to dislodge tartar, which is just plaque that’s been building up on your teeth. Ultrasound is just a fancy way of saying we use vibrations to crush and shake loose the bacteria that has accumulated.

  2. Dentist Standard Polish
    Next, we use a polish. It’s our professional way of brushing your teeth. We meticulously brush each tooth with a dentist standard paste. This ensures that all the plaque has been removed from your teeth.

  3. Finishing Layer of Fluoride
    Lastly, we finish by applying a layer of fluoride. Fluoride is super good for your dental health! It not only prevents, but also reverses the early stages of decay.

That’s it, it only takes three simple steps and 45 minutes of your time to do a teeth cleaning with lots of benefits for you. Without this biannual teeth cleaning procedure, there is an increased chance of costly gum diseases and even tooth loss. Of course we recommend our quick dental exam just to double check our work and your overall dental health. This just an additional 15 minutes to your teeth cleaning to inspect that there’s no cavities and no gum disease. For the whole hour process, our hygienist will guide you through every second of the way. Hygienists are specially trained for this teeth cleaning procedure. They have went through 2 years of specialized schooling and have taken a board exam to ensure they are fully qualified. And just to access your overall dental health, our dentists come in for the quick exam at the end of the process. Now let’s breakdown the price.Without insurance, for both the full teeth cleaning and dental exam, we charge $140. Our experienced receptionists will work exhaustively with you to make sure that you have to pay the lowest amount out of your own pocket as possible. We’ll explain your personal insurance benefits to you in a clear, concise way. And lastly, we will file all your insurance claims, so you can just focus on receiving the best dental care possible. We hope to see you soon!